Common Ground

Discover, Define and Design Your Heritage

Want to try the challenges from our #GroundedWeekend? Dive in below and be sure to tag us in anything you create at @nnfcommonground

Do your make up inspired by natural heritage

We’re entering the world of make up! Can you be inspired by a local building, or the plants in your garden? Be as creative as you like and Feel free to do your hand or another part of your body, doesn’t have to be your face.

Writing challenge #eyeofthebeholder

Chose a place that holds a happy memory, makes you calm or even a spot so familiar it feels like home and write a poem dedicated to it! It could be spectacular or seemingly ordinary, as long as it’s special to you. ⁠

Create some land art

Land art is a creative combination of sculpture and movement that uses natural materials as paint, and the landscape as a canvas.

Gather twigs, branches, leaves, stones, bits of concrete, dried flowers – anything you can get your hands on – and make a design. Don’t have an outside space? Use a window sill!

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