Carlton Marshes Creative Taster Day

MONDAY 30 MAY, 10:30AM – 4:30PM

Header photo credit: Suffolk Wildlife Trust

Come and join Common Ground’s 2022 lead artists, Coney, for a fun and creative workshop at Suffolk Wildlife Trust’s Carlton Marshes. Taking place on Monday 30 May between 10:30am and 4:30pm, you’ll be guided by Coney and their playful approach to art making over one day. They’ll introduce you to game mechanics and digital platforms to create new and exciting experiences around Carlton Marshes. This is where you get to shape this year’s Common Ground.

This workshop will be followed by a one-week summer project led by Coney and you at Carlton Marshes between the 8 and 12 August. During the week you’ll get to develop your creative ideas and skills and help shape the future of your local communities.
So if you’re aged 13 – 18 then we would love for you to join us on this journey.

No experience of making art, games or knowledge of the heritage site is needed – just be interested and open to having fun!

Coney create interactive theatre, games and adventures where people can choose to take a meaningful part.

Transport to and from Carlton Marshes will be provided. A minibus will pick people up from Lowestoft bus station at 10am, and depart from Carlton back to Lowestoft bus station at 4:30pm.
Lunch, snacks and refreshments will be provided by Common Ground throughout the day.

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If you would like more information or to get in touch with the Common Ground team, send an email to