Young Producers

Common Ground’s Young Producers will receive high level training and mentoring to develop their critical thinking, leadership and project management skills.

Young producers is a programme that supports young people to help make heritage a more diverse and representative place for its local community. Help redefine your local heritage and commission socially-engaged art projects across Norfolk, Suffolk and Peterborough over a 12 month programme. Sound good? Good. Read on…

To join this group you need to be:

  1. Based in Norfolk, Suffolk or Peterborough

2. 16 – 25 (if you are under 18 must not be in full time education)

3. There is no 3. That’s it!

This is a 9 month programme which leads up to a *extremely exciting* careers event organised for Norfolk & Norwich Festival 2021

 Joining the group will mean you can:

  • Take part in online training masterclasses to learn new skills
  • Be part of our decision making process and lead the development of the project. You might help decide things like what our brand should look like, which artist we work with next, whether we should have a heritage festival and what that should look like.
  • Make some new friends (yay!)
  • Think about career options and add a great project to your CV
  • Run a Common Ground event at next year’s Norfolk & Norwich Festival
  • Apply to work for a heritage organisation through our traineeships 

The group will meet on the site Slack (don’t worry if you’ve never used it before, its easy peasy and we’ll be there every step of the way if you need a hand)

If you think this projects sounds interesting but you don’t fully understand what it’s all about, don’t worry, because:

a. the project will be developed and defined by you and the young people involved 

b. we’ve been clear as mud, but we can do better over email if you send us a question!

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