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In October 2020, a group of young people from Lowestoft joined us and MUTINY projects on our mission to FLIP LOWESTOFT MUSEUM… (cue gasps)

Over the series of workshops with award winning playwright James McDermott and filmmakers Marcus Romer and Sophie Mellor, participants worked to create animations and spoken word pieces which will then be geo located in the park around Lowestoft museum. This means the public can walk around the Nicholas Everitt park and use their phones to see the films as part of Ness Fest 2020. Oh the wonders of technology.

The best bit is, you don’t even need to leave your house to view all the great content…

You can now watch all 6 videos on our interactive map below. Get exploring:

Alternatively, you can check out all of the videos in a handy playlist on YouTube. Whatever floats your boat.

What went down?

Here’s a taste of some of the workshops that took place over the last couple of months:

Session 1 – Thursday 17 September – An introduction to the project, with a mini-writing workshop with James McDermott, imagining some of the stories behind the objects. 

Session 2 – Saturday 19 September – In an online writing workshop with James, we used images from the museum’s collection to spark ideas and themes for a series of six short videos.

Session 3 – Thursday 24 September – We began developing images, ideas and storyboards for the final videos, and discovering the process that goes into planning a film before it makes it to production.

Session 4 – Saturday 26 September – Working with James and Marcus we looked at the writing we’d created together, and started to ‘storyboard’ the final videos. All very professional and exciting.

Session 5 – Thursday 1 October – Everything came together. We collected all the digital ‘assets’ (video, photos of objects, spontaneous museum themed flash mobs etc) and put all the final videos together.

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