Common Ground @ Ipswich Museum

Photo credit: Colchester + Ipswich Museums

Get ready Ipswich Museum, Common Ground are coming…

What’s happening?

Work with a group of other young people to design and co-create a virtual space to explore and share your own heritage stories and those of local heroes. With the help of an artist and community heritage leader, you’ll be able to choose the stories that are important to you and explore the stories of the city that might not usually be shouted about: for example, Ipswich’s black history and Windrush story.

This project will tie in with the museum’s Power of Stories exhibition (which is already officially Very Good, by the way) while centring local history at the heart of it, helping to meet the need of local communities, keep important stories alive and engage a wider audience. #MuseumGoals.

How can I take part?

Keep your eyes peeled on this page for more info about how to take part. 👀