Common Ground @ Peckover House

Drama workshops, 3D scanning, historical dress-up, virtual reality, script-writing, High Tea…just a handful of things a group of young people got up to while creating a virtual tour of Peckover House!

What happened?

Every Tuesday and Wednesday, from 15 June to 7 July, a group of young people joined theatre-maker Michelle Roche at the National Trust property, Peckover House.

With the help of the fabulous young artist, Skye, the knowledgeable National Trust team, and tech wizards Curatours, Michelle supported the group through various drama workshops to unpick the history of the building and make a virtual tour based on items that interested the team.

As if this wasn’t already exciting enough, the group were able to dive deep into the history of The Peckovers, whilst learning how to 3D scan objects, even testing out virtual reality headsets!

Photo credit: National Trust Images

Behind the scenes

What’s next?

On 3 August, the group will reunite for a well-earned celebration day where they’ll be able to see their completed virtual tour in action using pretty impressive headsets and VR technology.

There’ll be a small garden party with tea, cakes, friends, family, music, and poetry performances – and what better setting to celebrate in than the elegant Peckover House and walled garden?

Watch this space for a behind-the-scenes video of the project and info about the tour going live to the public. 👀