Common Ground @ Peckover House

Over June and July 2021, a group of young people will work with The National Trust, tech moguls Curatours, and a team of theatre practitioners to create a sparkly new digital tour for Peckover House. The tour will be based on items chosen by the group themselves, putting them at the centre of curatorial decisions, and will allow anyone from all over the world to join – so you don’t even have to step foot outside your house! Curatours will assist with 3D scanning the objects chosen by young people and placing them in a virtual environment to create the digital museum of our dreams.

The group will dive deep into the history of The Peckovers, a pretty remarkable Quaker family who were always active in social justice issues of their time, including Jonathon & Edmund Peckover, who were involved in the abolition of slavery, and Thomas Clarkson (no relation to a certain angry car enthusiast). The idea is to create something that brings the incredible history of Peckover and the surrounding area to life… this is a story that deserves to be told well.