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As part of Norfolk Wildlife Trust’s Cley Calling Festival 2021, the Common Ground Leaders were asked to curate an exhibition using the photos taken by the young people at Roydon Common over summer.

The Common Ground Leaders’ task was to narrow down the 400+ photos taken during the project to around 50. They focused on whether the photos taken were particularly original or thought-provoking in some way. Photos that met that criteria made it to the shortlist and are on display in the exhibition.

They were then placed into groups based on the photos’ contents: e.g., insects, horses, cows, and – most importantly – the young people taking part. Once the selection was narrowed down, the Leaders took a day trip to Cley Marshes to see the exhibition space in person. From there, they sketched out different ideas for the exhibition’s layout. After much trial and error (and trying to work around several warped patches of floor!) they settled on their final design, making the most of the space, and of the natural light let in by the floor-to-ceiling windows on the left-hand side.

This exhibition marks the Common Ground Leaders’ second independently developed event, following the ‘Living Landscapes’ exhibition in Norwich as part of this year’s Norfolk & Norwich Festival. Curated by Maddie Exton, Jordan Hunnisett, Megan Rees, Gaby Copeman, Phoebe Codling and Saskia Reynolds.

You can visit the exhibition until the 4 January 2022. For more information, view the event website here.

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