Behind the Scenes of Capturing the Common

Header photo credit: Kerry Bensley

You’ve seen the film, but how was it made? Step into the glamorous (and by glamorous, we mean cow-filled) filmset of ‘Capturing the Common’ by watching the video below.

You can watch the film produced by the crew here and read more about the project over on our projects page.

Video transcript

[Upbeat music replaced by birds chirping and light piano music. This fades into crickets chirping and insects buzzing.]

(Off camera) Crew member 1: Sound.

Crew member 2: Speed.

Crew member 3: Cameras rolling.

Crew member 4: Camera rolling.

Crew member 5: Camera rolling.

(On camera) Crew member 6: Scene 3, Take 1.

(Off camera) Jen: Hold for the plane.

(On camera) Crew member 6: Scene 3, Take 2.

(Off camera) Crew member 7: And action.

(On camera) Sam: Here at Roydon Common, we have several species of livestock, the first being the White British Cow.

[cow mooing]

Sam: [laughs] Cut that one!

Crew member 8: Scene 1, Take 2.

Ajay: Well, we have a range of waders here; there’s lapwing and there’s curlew, and they stay in some of the wetter areas. And it’s great because they’ve got all this space to live in.

Ash: This is a really, really common hoverfly. It gets called the marmalade fly because it tends to go for sugar and sits around. But it’s got these little twin bars on its back all the way down it.

Crew member 9: You know anything about this spider?

Sam: I don’t know too much about spiders. [break] As you can see, I have found a little 8-legged friend. And they play a vital role in the ecosystem here.

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